Frequently asked questions

Why Figroll?

A: We are passionate about hosting and want to be the best, easiest way to host your static HTML website.

Why a static site?

True Static sites are fast, they are the fastest kinds of sites around.

  • They require no server side rendering which takes time
  • The files can be precompressed and optimized to be smaller than normal
  • Static sites can be served from a location very close to the viewer
  • Great for any Single Page Application
  • For hosting your Infographics
  • Online CVs
  • Marketing sites

Where are your servers? (CDN coming soon!)

A: Paris

What do I get for $6?

A: If you need anymore reasons than our fantastic 99% uptime or ease of upload. Figroll has bags of features perfect for developers or students of all levels like:

  • Staging URLS
  • Automatic Versioning
  • HTTPS (built it)
  • Figroll CLI
  • Compressed Content

When I upload a site and its unpacking, what’s happening?

A: Your Zip file is being expanded onto a clustered file system accessible to all nodes. Once extracted the files are then Gzipped up ready for compressed requests.

I’ve got loads of images, can I put them on Figroll?

A: If your site includes lots of images, it’s not problem at all. If it’s just image hosting you’re after why not try Uploadcare?

What is your uptime?

A: 99.94% over the last year

How does Figroll create URL’s?

A: Wildcard DNS