Figroll Documentation

An overview of our Figroll Documentation, from uploading your site to changing your DNS.

SFTP Site Upload

Figroll makes it easy to upload your site using our Admin interface, CLI tool as well as SFTP. SFTP is the most ubiquitous way of uploading websites and it’s pretty simple. You have your folder on your computer and you drag and drop it over to the server.

When hosting your static site with us you can either have Versioning (enabled by default) or SFTP enabled.

To enable SFTP follow these steps:

  1. Go to your site, click on SFTP.
  2. Press enable

Enable SFTP

  1. Using the login details connect to site using Cyberduck / WinSCP / Filezilla or whichever tool you prefer.

SFTP Details

  1. Upload some files

SFTP Uploaded

  1. View the live version of your site and you’re files will be there! Easy!
  2. Eat a celebratory Figroll

Filezilla Example Settings

If you’re saving the details in Filezilla then your screen will look something like this:

Filezilla Settings