Figroll Documentation

An overview of our Figroll Documentation, from uploading your site to changing your DNS.

Custom Domains

Does Figroll support custom domains?

Yes, they are part of our Pro plan ($6/pm).

Do I have to own my domain already to use Figroll?

Yes you do. We are not a domain registrar like Gandi/Namecheap/DNSimple and you will need to have the ability to update your DNS to point to Figroll.

How do I signup for a custom domain?

  1. Login/Register
  2. Choose the blue “Pro” account from the “Create Site” page and type your domain name in. Entering payment details, if you’re just registering. Choose Domain in Figroll Control Panel
  3. Locate the DNS details tab: DNS Settings in Figroll Control Panel
  4. Enter then into your DNS provider’s control panel. This is what it looks like for Gandi, other providers can be found below.

Add a CNAME to Gandi

Can I use a naked domain?

Yes, so long as your provider supports ANAME records such as DNSimple.

Otherwise, we’d prefer it if you didn’t as we can’t guarantee that our IP addresses will stay the same. CNAME records allow us to update our IP addresses in the background, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How do I set my site on…


Once you’ve logged into your Gandi account, and navigated to your domain, you can add a www record like this, taking the CNAME value from your Figroll account.

Add a CNAME to Gandi

Once it’s added it should look something like this: Show CNAME in Gandi