Figroll Documentation

An overview of our Figroll Documentation, from uploading your site to changing your DNS.

Command Line (CLI)

Our Command Line Interface has been written as a Node module enabling you to install it as part of your devDependencies, or as a global npm package.

Here are the docs taken from the latest version of the README.


npm install -g figroll-cli


Usage: figroll <command>

  login     login to Figroll
  list      list your sites
  create    Create a new free site
  connect   Connect to your site
  deploy    Deploy to staging
  activate  Activate site to Production

Logging In

You need to login to your existing Figroll account. If you don’t have one you can register on our website Register.

$ figroll login

Email: <your email>
Password: <your password>


To show a list of all of your sites hosted on Figroll use:

$ figroll list

Creating a new site

Creating a new free site is super simple with:

$ figroll create

You created site:


When we are ready to deploy our site, we can simply connect to that site, making sure we pass in your built site folder (dist-folder)

$ figroll connect dist/


With figroll deploy it pushes your site straight up to your staging environment.

$ figroll deploy


Once your happy you can activate your site on production environment. This also activates HTTPS on your site.

$ figroll activate