When Forestry got leaked on Hacker News a few weeks ago we signed up immediately, and started deploying some sites using the SFTP connection to Figroll. It’s neat and zero effort to setup.

You need 3 things to get up and running:

  1. A Jekyll or Hugo blog
  2. A Figroll account
  3. A Forestry account

A Jekyll or Hugo blog

Jekyll is much easier to use than Hugo, installation steps are simple:

$ gem install jekyll
$ jekyll new my-new-blog
$ jekyll build

You’ll need to Zip it up ready for Forestry

$ zip -r site.zip .

A Figroll account

  1. Sign-up for a Figroll account at the bottom of this page
  2. Create a Site
  3. Enable SFTP Enable SFTP on Figroll

  4. Grab the details for your site: SFTP Details

A Forestry account

  1. Go to forestry.io and request beta access.
  2. Create a site, and drag your zipped up folder in there Create a project in Forestry

  3. Setup the domain name in Forestry. Forestry domain name setup

  4. Locate “Hosting Info” section Forestry menu

  5. Setup the SFTP connection details Connect Forestry to Figroll

  6. Add a new page to the site and uncheck draft Publish your page on Forestry

  7. Press publish Site publishing on Forestry Site published on Forestry

  8. View your blog post on Figroll Figroll site uploaded