Figroll is closing down

Figroll is closing down, it’s been a difficult decision as it’s something so close to our hearts but it’s about time. Here’s why…

Figroll is closing down

Figroll is a hobby project that we have been working on for 2 years. We allow people to host their sites for free, we have a handful of paid sites.

Rapidweaver SFTP Upload

Publishing your Rapidweaver website to Figroll should take you less than 5 minutes.

Figroll & Forestry

When Forestry got leaked on Hacker News a few weeks ago we signed up immediately, and started deploying some sites using the SFTP connection to Figroll. It’s neat and zero effort to setup.

Hugo hosting tutorial on Figroll

Hugo is a powerful static site generator. It’s written in Go language and is super fast to build. It’s a great alternative to Jekyll. We are going to be making a simple HTML site using the Figroll Hugo theme from scratch, here’s the demo site. - Customer Feature

One of our customers Will from Name Eleven has recently hosted his site with us. His site is about guessing which footballers played in various games. He makes frequent updates, sometimes many per day pushing little code changes and additional data for players to guess.

Beginner's Guide to Domains and Web Hosting

If you’re just starting out in the development world, looking for HTML hosting can be daunting task. There is lots of different terminology and options. To help out here’s our beginner’s guide to web hosting…

Hosted on Figroll

A showcase of our three favourite static sites hosted on Figroll this month.

Our Figroll front-end stack

Here at Figroll we work in weekly iterations. Constantly tweaking and improving each time where we can. It works really well for us and means we can push exciting new features quickly. After having some useful planning sessions we are looking at our front-end stack, what’s most valuable and what can we do next.

A Little Update

This blog has looked rather unloved for the past year. But don’t worry; we’re still here, serving your static sites. We’ve been doing a few upgrades over the last few weeks, here’s the roadmap for the next couple of months planned out. I thought you might be interested, so here it is:

Hosting images on a CDN

So you’ve got your static site, but where do you host the images? You could upload them at the same time and include them in your Zip file. But I wouldn’t, I’d rather upload them to an image hosting provider as you’ll gain a lot of flexibility in the long term.

Creative Coffeeshops: January

Every week or two we get together for some figrolling. We alternate between Bath and London or sometimes meet in the middle; scoping out the coolest coffeeshops has become a bit of tradition. It’s great for our productivity and we get to visit super cool places.

Zip files

We love drag and dropping our sites into Figroll, its quick and easy and we do most of the work for you. You just need to make sure you follow a few simple steps in folder architecture to get things going.

Dynamic Static Sites?

The last 2 years have seen a resurgence in Static Websites. Github really started the interest back in 2008 when sites could be “piped through” Jekyll . We’ve come quite a way since then and many static site generators exist such as Hugo, Pelican and Hakyll. Also since 2008 we’ve had quite a few browser improvements:

Changing your Gandi DNS

Changing your Gandi DNS records to point your Figroll hosted site is easy. We’ve made a little step by step guide to help you with it.