About Figroll

Our mission

To break down the barriers to web hosting allowing non-developers to upload their website easily. Whilst providing the tools for more advanced web developers.

Who we are?

We're a small team of Developers and Designers working at Fika. We're working on Figroll full time and our an extememly ambitious bunch that want to bring you Fast, Stable secure static sites.

Why should I use Figroll?

Fast, Stable hosting
Custom 404 pages & Password Protection
Compressed Assets and Caching headers

Our focus

Figroll is user friendly static website hosting service.
Web Developers can upload their site using familiar and popular development tools.
It allows non-developers to upload their sites using a simple clean UI without prior knowledge of web hosting.


We love to develop prototypes and Single page apps. It's so exciting having the idea and skill to turn something around in a very short amount of time. We don't want you to get bogged down in worring about hosting. Just get it uploaded on our free staging sites!

Teachers & Students

We want everyone to have the abilty to create, deploy and share their new app. Building a platform where teachers and students can collaborate is and always will be a key focus for us. Learning to code can open so many doors, open your mind to many possiblities of the web.